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The solar workstations SP series represents a new technological breakthrough in the area of hydraulic groups / controllers for solar thermal systems.

Its design allows very simple installation and maintenance, with total reliability.

This technology results from significant maturation of experiences in solar thermal systems in markets all over the world.

The solar workstations SP series was designed to meet the multiple demands of residential solar thermal systems.

Equipped with Wilo circulation pumps, safety valve, flow probe, pressure gauge, controller with digital display, everything you need for a perfect installation together in one single station.

 Model SP228 is equipped with one hydraulic group of two circuits and one controller for management of the most varied type of solutions, up to 8 systems.

The display shows the state of the whole installation in real time, the temperatures registered on its various parts and communicates any eventual system failure.

Its software ensures a safe management of the system, even in periods where there is no hot water consumption (eg. holidays). Anti-legionella function is available on the whole series.


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