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Balancing valves / Flowmeters

Flowmeter & valve with angle seat and adjustable to set and stop the hydraulic circuit. Includes an indicator of flow rate (flow meter) with rotary dial and permanent display of current flow in liters / min.
To protect the display from dirt, quadrant is separated from the fluid, ie the liquid does not pass the indicator.

Can be used to balance heating systems, air conditioning systems, industrial water, sanitary water, solar installations, thermodynamic and can be mounted in any position.

Brass body. Flowmeter made of high-quality plastic, heat resistant. Gaskets in EPDM. Able to mix water / glycol 50%.

- Max. working temperature 120 º C
- Min. working temperature -20 ° C
- Working pressure 10 bar (100 ° C) 6 bar (120 ° C)
- Accuracy of measurement +/- 10%