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Pressure gauges

Application: measuring the pressure of liquid and gaseous fuels, provided they are not very viscous or solids or corrosive to copper alloy or tin.
Particularly suitable under the effect of pulse pressure, shock machines and machinery subject to strong vibrations.
Features: Box and display mounting ring of stainless steel AISI 304, display of methacrylate unbreakable, liquid filling: bidistilled glycerin, brass coupling , sensitive element "Bourdon tube" made of copper alloy for pressures up to 40 bar, the spiral of phosphor bronze for pressures 60-600 bar, mechanism of high sensitivity clocks brass, welding of tin alloy or Silver alloy for pressures above 40 bar, polished steel pointer, quadrant of baking varnish aluminum

- Accuracy Class 2.5 for Ø63-Ø50
- Accuracy Class 1.6 for Ø 100
- Accuracy Class 1 for Ø 150
- Double scale bar- psi for Ø50, Ø63 and Ø100
- Scale bar for Ø150