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Thermostatic mixing valves

Compact thermostatic mixing valve designed for solar thermal systems. In these systems the water temperature inside the water tank can vary widely depending on the consumption and solar radiation. The wax thermostatic element of this valve can support up to 110 ºC, in addition, the valve has an internal coating of PTFE to avoid wastes.
Serves as scalding protection: in the event of interruption in the supply of cold water, the water circulation is blocked immediately (<2 sec.) in accordance with EN 1111 and EN 1287 (BS 1415 Pt 2 - TMV2).

- Max. pressure 10 bar
- Working pressure 0.2 to 5 bar
- Hot water temp. 52-110 °C
- Cold water temp. 5-25 °C
- Temp. difference hot-mix 10 ºC
- Temperature range 30 ºC to 65 ºC
- Margin of error +/-2 ºC, with inlet pressures balanced
- Flow rate 63 l/min at 3 bar
- Min. operative flow 5 l/min
- Max. pressure drop relation between the inputs (Q / F or F / H) 5:1.